Welcome to The Real House of Poms

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The Diva

I'm a true lover - a Scorpio - best known for my cuddles and sneaky love bites. However, I need my space; you'll know when I'm ready. And let's just get this out of the way upfront: I don't share toys.


The Adventurer

I grew up watching Prisonbreak so now I am a master escape artist. I am super sneaky and always trying to get out to play with my neighborhood friends. My favorite toy is whatever my brothers are playing with.


The Lion King

If there is anything I love more than playing with my green spikey squeak toy, it's sleeping with my dad. My favorite pastime is playing fetch and boy oh boy, do I love to play fetch.


The Lover

I am a cuddle bug; no matter where you are, I will find you and curl up on you. My favorite toy is not a toy, it's my bed.


Lover of Life

I am always getting into trouble, sneaking into places I shouldn’t be, eating things I shouldn’t, and all sorts of other mischief. I do this because my love for being chased knows no limits. I am all about my squeaky ducky.

Parker Bradley

The Fluff Ball

I am the only pom in the pack whose name doesn’t start with a B.  I am a massive fluff ball that will jump all over you and bathe you with all my wet kisses. I love to be surrounded by fluffy stuffed animals.


Cool Hand

I am one of our most relaxed pack members and am extremely calm, influencing the other Poms, except when I decide to push them around. Who said a bee couldn’t move an elephant? My favorite toy is Lamb Chop.


The Mighty

Don't be surprised that I will chew anything in my sight. Not only do I love to figure out the texture and taste of everything in the house, but I also may be one of the most vocal pack members. My favorite toy is anything I can destroy.